July 30th

Master & Intermittent Attendance Due

All Day

Location: Kendall 220
Category: Payroll & Benefits

Due at 4:00 pm. Attendance includes Certification Statements, Attendance Certification Reports, and intermittent timesheets.

Writing for the Web and Social Media


Location: Colusa 100B
Category: Conferences & Workshops

Have you been asked to assist your department with web page editing and department social network information? If so, then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop, we’ll look at a few basic principles and practice writing copy for an online audience. We will review the characteristics of the online environment and how that influences communication strategies, discuss the needs of our audiences in the online environment and examine the challenges of capturing the attention of website and social media audiences.


  • Understand principles of effective writing for online audiences
  • Recognize the importance of graphic presentation
  • Practice writing for websites and social media

Who should go? 

Faculty, staff and managers who are interested in learning tips and techniques for writing for the web and social media.

Registration Instructions

Please log into the Development & Training System to view the schedule and enroll in a workshop.  Instructions are available in the DTS guides.  For technical support, please contact itss@csuchico.edu or (530) 898-4357.

If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact Professional Development, phone 530-898-6771, or email pdev@csuchico.edu a week in advance of the event.

Reminder: Please share with your supervisor, in advance, that you would like to attend this training to ensure their support and that operational needs permit.

'Paper' Warrant/Paycheck Payday for Salaried Employees


Category: Payroll & Benefits

Payday for all State salaried Staff, Faculty and MPP Employees who receive a paper paycheck/warrant (not direct deposit). Employees who are on Direct Deposit will received their Direct Deposit advice on this day. Anyone picking up their own paycheck can do so after 4:00 pm at the Cashiering window.